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Columbus Aero Service Avionics Dept.

Recent Work

Here are a couple of our latest projects to view.  We will update this page as often as we have time to showcase new and/or interesting retrofit projects as we complete them. 


1958 Beech J35 Before...

Here is an interesting project completed in 2023. The existing avionics was a mix of old Bendix/King and Narco Avionics. All of this was removed along with much of the instrumentation. The customer wanted to retain his original wood overlay and the "piano keys". 

1958 Beech J35 After...

A new left-hand radio panel was fabricated and installed along with an all new center panel to facilitate the new avionics package. Included is an Aspen Dual EFD1000 Pro Max system, PS Engineering PMA-8000G, Garmin GTN-650Xi and Garmin GNC-255. The original Appareo Transponder was retained. Also an entirely new avionics bussing system was fabricated and installed under the transponder/radio panel. This way, the customer can enjoy the retro-look of his old piano key layout but still take advantage of modern switches and circuit breakers. 

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